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Retailing brand

"Society changes. Hitachi transforms it."

Our vision is
to create richer lives and a better society
by providing products, systems, and services
with a new level of value and potential
based on the latest advances in technology,
especially knowledge and information technology.

Our mission is
to identify the real needs of society and our customers
and to set and achieve goals that surpass those needs.
We develop and apply new technology
without being bound by traditional thinking.
We focus our efforts on the fields of communications and services.
We are willing to venture into new business areas.
As a good corporate citizen, our goal is the harmonious
coexistence of environmental preservation and economic growth.

The value we intend to foster and build upon is
that of a company trusted by customers and society,
a company fully responsible for its actions.
We offer a wide range of complex systems
using our knowledge and technologies to meet specific needs.
Our goal is to offer the most complete systems solutions
that will work over the long term for society as a whole.

Hitachi intends to be the catalyst for a changing society.
As society changes, so will Hitachi.


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